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Strategies for Action

November 19, 1993 ASPIRA, Inc. of New Jersey



Our mission is thi and leadershi, of Puerto Rican and Latino youth so that they become empowered individuals who make significant contributions to the Puerto Rican and Latino community, in particular, and society in general.

SPECIAL THANKS Aspira, Inc, of New Jersey wishes to extend its appreciation to Harold W. Eickhoff, for his hospitality and continuing support of the Puerto Rican and Latino Community.

8:30 a.m., REGISTRATION, Brower Student Center 202 E/W

9:00 a.m., PROGRAM Welcome Remarks

Alfred Bridges, Vice President for College Advancement, Trenton State College

Margaret Rosario-Rivera, Chair, ASPIRA Board of Directors, Manager Bell Communications Research

Fernando Fuentes, Executive Director, ASPIRA, Inc. of New Jersey

Keynote Address Alan Medina, MD, Chief Psychiatrist, St. Luke’s Hospital

9:30 a.m., PANEL DISCUSSION The Plight of Latino Males, An Overview of the plight of Latino males will be discussed, as well as an outline for the day's activities and the expected goals and for th fi

Panelists Angelo Falcon, PhD, Director, Institute for Puerto Rican Policy and Research Angel Ortiz, City Councilman, City of Philadelphia Ariel Cespedes, Student, Trenton Central High School Edvin Rivas, Student, Trenton State College

Moderator George Santiago, Associate Director, EOP, Rider College


Latinos and the Criminal Justice System:

The Administration of Justice Community instability and family poverty, underachievement in edu- cation, addictive life-styles, unequal justice, unrealistic images in the media, and other variables have i toan over of Latino males, both adults and juveniles, in our detention centers, county jails, and state prisons. What actions are needed to reach Latino males presently involved in the criminal justice system? What

to reduce th ion? Is

under- -representation achievable? Am I affected?

Latino Youth:

Urban Mortality Outcomes Addresses Latino Male issues within the context of New Jersey’s urban Latino communities, The concept of health risk will be

defined in terms of and i factors that are « levels of health risk and y for soluti d an agenda for ion will be lored, i ing health care reform,

delivery systems, health care manpower, long- and short-term interventions, and future research and policy development.

Latino Males:

Pro-Active Only) Specifically designed to assist secondary school students in identify- ing current educational trends related to the Latino Male. A series of questions will be provided which will generate solutions to some of the issues and concerns discussed.

Community Participation: A Blueprint for Action

Too often decisions are made by policy makers that affect the Latino made without Latino input or i What are th f these policies on the Lati ? What j to empower the Latino community to have access to these forums? Strategies to seek community participation will be discussed as the BLUEPRINT FOR ACTION is designed.

Educational System:

A Community Report Card/Falling Latino Youth Like many other groups before them, Latinos in the United States have seen education as the road out of the cycle of poverty and despair. However, in ry have failed the Latino community. Evidence of this is the sit out rate for Latinos, which is consistently higher than any other group. Consequently, the failures of New Jersey urban public schools have a direct impact on Latino youth and have a direct causal affect on placing a whole at risk. A i f high- er education in New Jersey have not been as responsive as they could be in providing access and support to the very small percentage of Latino youth who do survive the public school system.

Family Values, and [ The Role of the Latino Male Add: to the impact of the changing and the Latino male. Also, i ffe and how they affect Latino youth will be explored, Male/female roles and the family str a need tostudy these as

they relate to the Latino youth.


A. Judicial, Forcina Hall 132 Latinos In the Criminal Justice System: The Administration of Justice Presenters Luis Silva, Assistant Ombudsman, Division of Corrections, State of New Jersey Maria M. Rivera, Principal Program Analyst, Office of Juvenile Justice, Division of Criminal Justice, Department of Law and Public Safety Moderator Abraham Espada, MSW, Hispanic Liaison to

B. Health, Decker Hall Lounge Latino Youth: Urban Mortality Outcomes Presenters Thomas Ortiz, MD, Family Practitioner, Newark, New Jersey Pablo Albilal Gomez, Policy Analyst, Department of Health Moderator Betsy Ryan, JD, Chief of Staff, New Jersey Department of Health

\ \ | \

C. Education, (Students Only), Cromwell Hall Lounge Latino Males: Pro-Active Educational Solutions Presenters

Mercedes Del Valle, EdD, School Psychologist,

East Orange Board of Education

David Morales, MSW, Assistant Director of Admissions, Trenton State College


Jorge Cruz, Student, Trenton State College

12:15 p.m., LUNCH, Brower Student Center 202E/W


\D: -Communilty, De Decker Hall panne N $ \ Q A for Action

Presenters Victor Vazquez, President, National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights, Philadelphia Chapter \ Juan Cartagena, Esq., Municipal Court Judge, _ City of Hoboken, New Jersey ae st Maria Vizcarrondo De Soto, MS, Director, Center for Hispanic Policy, Research and Development, State of New Jersey

Education, Cromwell Hall Lounge System: A C ty Report Card/Falling Latino Youth Presefiters Michael Fernandez, Deputy Director, New Jersey State College Governing Boards Association, Inc. Fernando Fuentes, Executive Director, ASPIRA, Inc. of New Jersey Jose Delgado, Former Member of the Camden Board of Education Moderator Hector Bonilla, Educational Opportunity Fund, Rutgers College

Family, Wolfe Hall Lounge Family Structure, Values and Dynamics: The Role of the Latino Male Presenters Rick De Jesus, EdD, Associate Dean, Philadelphia College of Textile and Science Teresa Mendez-Corredor, ABD, Director of Interculturaland Interracial Affairs/] EOF, College of Saint Elizabeth Moderator Myriam Ramirez, MSW, Clinical Supervisor, La Casa De Don Pedro


3:00 P.m., SUMMARY/RECEPTIONS, Brower Student Center 202W

Facilitator Gene Calderon, Latino Males Conference

Special thanks: Hispanic Association for Higher Education of New Jersey, Inc. CUB - Union Latina Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Inc, Lambda Theta Alpha, Latin Sorority Inc. Corazones Unidos Siempre